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OM Nondual Infinite Awareness

Immersive Retreats and Programs with Renowned Teachers of Nonduality

Welcome to OMniAwareness℠

We provide a platform to connect seekers from all backgrounds with renowned teachers of Nonduality from various traditions and organizations. We conduct immersive retreats and programs that provide an ideal contemplative setting for participants to dive deep into the teachings of Nonduality. We also cultivate a supportive community to learn, grow and share the knowledge and experience of Nondual principles and practices.




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Recordings of the Immersive Online OMniAwareness Retreat with Swami Atmarupananda on Advaita Makaranda (Nectar of Nonduality) held in December 2021

“The subject and presentation were fantastic. I was mesmerized during each lecture.” – C.C.
“A wonderful experience overall. Kudos to the team!” – M.N.
“It was a timely and relevant topic and expounded brilliantly by Swami Atmarupananda.” – R.
“I came out of the retreat feeling more focused and balanced after being exposed to the awesome depths of pure non duality Vedanta philosophy. A beautiful and rich experience!” – R.A.
“It was great to listen to Swami Atmarupananda who shared his abundant knowledge with all of us.” – R.K.
“It was most wonderful time with Swamiji. His understanding and realization of Advaita shone through his lectures making it a great experience overall.” – S.I.

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