OM Nondual Infinite Awareness



Bringing the core teachings of Nonduality to all and raising the collective human consciousness by laying the foundation of Nondual life.


OM Nondual Infinite Awareness (OMniAwareness) provides a platform to connect seekers from all backgrounds with renowned teachers of Nonduality from various traditions and organizations. We conduct immersive retreats and programs that provide an ideal contemplative setting for participants to dive deep into the teachings of Nonduality. We also cultivate a supportive community to learn, grow and share the knowledge and experience of Nondual principles and practices.


We are a group of seekers (Lissa Coffey, Prasenjeet Sarkar, Shweta Singh and Sushma Kore in alphabetical order) from diverse backgrounds who have been on the path of Nonduality (aka Advaita or Nondualism) and related practices for many years. All of us have benefited tremendously from it and feel that many more people across the world can also benefit from it. As a result, we have come together to help bring Nondual teachings to more people, including those who either are not familiar with it or are looking to deepen their study and practice. We believe that Nonduality is one of the most suitable spiritual philosophies for the modern society as it’s firmly grounded in reasoning and direct experience. It provides answers to some of the most fundamental questions and problems of life, and is equally relevant to all human beings irrespective of country, culture, belief, and background. You can learn more about Nonduality here.