OM Nondual Infinite Awareness


Immersive Retreats

  • Regular weekend or week-long retreats/workshops, either in-person at retreat centers or online
  • Focused on systematic and high-quality study, contemplation and assimilation of Nondual teachings, and manifesting them in daily life
  • Renowned teachers from various Nondual traditions and organizations
  • Catering to seekers of all levels and backgrounds
  • Lectures, Q & A, group discussions & readings, meditation sessions, volunteering opportunities, and more
  • Serene and spiritual retreat centers with a conducive environment to relax and dive deep within
  • Both resident and commuter options available
  • Accommodation and food included as relevant
  • Minimal registration fee

Importance of Retreats

The three essential practices that lead to the realization of the Nondual Self are Sravana (systematic and high-quality study with a qualified teacher), Manana (contemplation upon the teachings to resolve doubts) and Nididhyasana (assimilation of the teachings to remove contrary tendencies).

Since the problem of Self-ignorance is deep-rooted and strong, the solution to dissolve it also needs to be strong. Ideally we should dedicate significant amount of time to the above practices daily but that’s not always possible amidst busy schedules. That’s where retreats come to rescue as they allow us to dive deep and immerse ourselves in the Highest Truth for a dedicated period of time, and emerge better and stronger than ever before; thereby propelling us towards realizing and manifesting the true Self in daily life. Moreover, it’s always invaluable to get interactive time with powerful teachers who we cannot communicate with on a daily basis.

Upcoming Retreats

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Past Retreats

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